Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day Tag

I made up a tag, you guys!! ...Am I allowed to do that? I think so. But who cares about rules, anyway?

I mostly made this because I wanted to talk about this stuff myself, but then I also wanted to know YOUR opinions and preferences. Thus, a tag!

The Rules:

  • Answer the questions (obviously)
  • Tag whoever you want (I hate putting a number on tagging)
  • Link back to the person who tagged you (which in this case, is ME!! MWAHAHA)

The Questions:
  1. Are you currently in a relationship? (if this one is too personal, it can be skipped)
  2. Do you consider Valentine's Day a Big Deal?
  3. Do you like flowers? If yes, what kind? If no, why?
  4. What's your favorite kind of chocolate? 
  5. What's you LEAST favorite kind of chocolate?
  6. Date night! Would you prefer to go to a fancy restaurant or go somewhere more laid-back? Or order in?
  7. Stuffed bears! They're cute, they're cuddly, they keep you safe from nighttime monsters. If your significant other got you one for Valentines, would you think it was ridiculous, funny, or cute? (the act, not the bear)
  8. Favorite romantic-type book?
  9. Favorite romantic movie?
  10. What's your love language (physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts)? Here's a little quiz to help you determine that, if you don't already know!

My Answers (because I'm conceited and want to talk about myself):

Are you currently in a relationship? (if this one is too personal, it can be skipped)
Nope! I'm single like a pringle (which is a stupid rhyme, pringles are spooning in a can) and ready to MINGLE! And by mingle I mean sit at home alone as often as I possibly can.

Do you consider Valentine's Day a Big Deal?
Lol no. Maybe I will when I'm dating and stuff, but....nah. :P :)

Do you like flowers? If yes, what kind? If no, why?
Not....really..... I mean, flowers are nice and all, but I am a plant serial killer. Plants just don't survive in my house. And I actually don't like the way flowers smell, at all. Nauseatingly, disgustingly sweet. :P Soooo whoever I end up dating/marrying is off the hook for flowers. X)

What's your favorite kind of chocolate? 
My favorite kind, perhaps mint chocolate? I also like white chocolate, and plain ol' milk chocolate. I also don't mind chocolate with nougat, like Toblerone!

What's you LEAST favorite kind of chocolate?
I reaaaallly don't like dark chocolate or chocolate with fruit or any kind of weird creamy filling. I can stand chocolate with nuts, but it's not my fave. 

Date night! Would you prefer to go to a fancy restaurant or go somewhere more laid-back? Or order in?
A fancy restaurant might be nice every once in a while, but honestly, I won't be an expensive date. I'm not one of those girls that requires expensive gifts and such to keep her interested. McDonalds? Yes please. X)

Stuffed bears! They're cute, they're cuddly, they keep you safe from nighttime monsters. If your significant other got you one for Valentines, would you think it was ridiculous, funny, or cute? (the act, not the bear)
I'd think it was ADORABLE and I'd be like "Awwwww it's so CUTE! I love it!!!" 
I just love stuffed animals, ok?

Favorite romantic-type book?
Perhaps either The Maid of Fairbourne Hall or The Redemption, both of which are period romances. 

Favorite romantic movie?
Ummmm I have no idea, actually. Whoops! Failed at my own question. X) I just don't watch a lot of romantic type movies, or if I do, I don't LOVE it enough to really remember it, apparently. XD

What's your love language (physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts)? Here's a little quiz to help you determine that, if you don't already know!
My primary love language is physical touch, with quality time in second place. I'm not sure what comes next for me, though. I took the quiz, but already forgot my results. XD HA! But anyway, yeah, I love few things better than a hug, and if I'm trying to comfort someone/show them how much I care, it's hard for me to find a way to do that which doesn't involve some sort of physical connection. 

The End

Yep! That's it. I tag ALL OF YOU!! MWAHAHAHAHAHackcoughchokesputterGAAASP. Ahem. Mwaha. Happy Valentine's Day to all the single pringles AND all the spooning pringles! Stay appropriate, everyone. ;)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Merlin Fanfiction

OK! This post is going to contain MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS for the very last episode of the BBC show "Merlin". If you have not seen the last episode (Sunny) and don't want to have it spoiled, then DO NOT READ THIS!! :O




......are they gone? Ok.

So, here's the thing. I loved the show "Merlin". It was SO AWESOME and SO FUNNY and just SO GOOD. However....the show's finale, the very last episode of the whole thing: SUCKED. EGGS (I was going to say something else, but *cough* decided against that). It was possibly the worst tv show finale in the HISTORY of tv show finales. It was really, really......not what you wanted to see.

Why, you ask? Because, (here come the spoilers, highlight the text with your mouse to see:)

ARTHUR AND GWAINE FLIPPIN' DIED!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I know that the original story is called "The Death of Arthur", but COME ON!!! They'd already strayed wayyyy far away from the original storyline, it's not like they couldn't do it a little more. Plus, creative license, anyone? THEY COULD TOTALLY HAVE DONE WHATEVER THEY WANTED!! THEY COULD HAVE GIVEN US A HAPPY ENDING!!! BUT NOOOOOOOO!! THEY HAD TO BE ALL ARTSY AND DRAMATIC AND STUPID! 

*ragged breathing* I hate them a lot. But anyway, that's the reason why I created this fanfiction. It's not the best in the world, I probably could have made it a bit longer and better and whatnot, but I just wanted to replace their crappy ending with a happy ending. ;D So, enjoy! :D And if you actually liked the Merlin finale....well, I don't know what's wrong with your soul. But you're entitled to your opinion, so.....good for you. XD

And now: the story! It starts out mirroring the episode, then deviates when things start to get stupid. And yes, you have to highlight the words again. I'm sorry if it's annoying!! I just didn't want anyone to glimpse a spoiler.

Gwaine's screams pitched through the forest and echoed in Percival's ears. Percival's heart stopped, then hammered with renewed urgency when another tortured scream reached him.

Percy's hands were tied above his head, suspended by rope to trees on either side of him. Could be worse, he thought, Could be chain. Calling on all of his strength, Percy wrapped his hands around the ropes and pulled. He could feel the rope giving. Just a little...bit...more! Another scream from his friend gave him the adrenaline shock he needed, and with a sudden snap, the ropes broke, and Percival tumbled to the ground. He jumped to his feet, heart in his throat. He had to save Gwaine.


Merlin struggled to support Arthur as they walked through the trees. They made it into a clearing before Arthur collapsed his weight onto Merlin and they both fell to the ground.

"Come on," Merlin grunted, trying to push Arthur back up, "We have to make it to the lake."

"Not without the horses," Arthur gasped through gritted teeth, "It's too late. It's too late. All your magic, Merlin, and you can't save my life." a faint smile appeared on the king's face.

"I can. I'm not going to lose you." Merlin looked around, trying not to show how frantic he was. No horses...the lake was so far....

"Merlin," Arthur's voice was faint, "There's something I want to say."

"No. You're not going to say goodbye."

"No, Merlin. Everything you've done...I know now. For me...for Camelot......Thank you...." Arthur breathed out a rattling sigh and went limp in Merlin's arms.

"No. Arthur. ARTHUR!" Merlin went half blind with panic and did they only thing he could think of: he screamed the rough words of the dragon language out into the sky, begging for Kilgharrah.

A long few moments of excruciating silence passed, where Merlin could only cradle Arthur's body and pray--beg--that he could save his friend one more time.

The sound of huge leathery wings flapping roused Merlin from his stupor. "Kilgharrah!" he leapt to his feet as the dragon landed. "I would not have summoned you if there were any other choice. I have one last favor to ask."


Percy snuck through the forest. The screams had stopped, and he dreaded to even consider what that might mean. Then, he saw him. On his knees, tied to a tree, Gwaine was slumped forwards and deathly still. The witch was gone. Percy rushed to his friend's side and knelt before him. He cupped Gwaine's face in his hands and lifted it gently. Please please please.

Gwaine's breath was labored and shallow, but it was there. His eyes focused on Percy. "She's riding for Avalon." he rasped, "I...failed...."

"No. No, you haven't." Percy whispered hoarsely.

Gwaine sighed and went slack against his bonds, leaning heavily into Percy's hands. (Here's where we start to differ from the episode) Time was running out, if it wasn't too late already. Percy reached around Gwaine and pulled the rope off his wrists with a frantic jerk. He then scooped the smaller man up in his strong arms and held him securely against his chest. Avalon could wait. He had to get to Gaius.


Kilgharrah landed beside the lake, and Merlin slipped off his side with Arthur's limp body. He dragged the king to the side of the lake before dropping to his hands and knees in exhaustion and staring out at the water, waiting. He didn't have to wait long. A tiny glowing-blue creature flew up out of the water and approached them. A Sidhe. 

Merlin launched into his plea before the Sidhe could speak, or worse, leave. "Please. Please help him. He's dying, and I can't save him."

"And why should we help?" hissed the Sidhe, ever suspicious. 

Merlin glanced back at Arthur's prone, motionless form, then returned his imploring gaze to the fairy. "He is the Once and Future King. He will bring magic back into this land. Albion will see a peace and prosperity like it's never known!" Merlin halted, unsure of whether the Sidhe really cared about that. What did they want? "Please, I'll do anything."

The Sidhe was silent for an agonizingly long moment. "Very well," the creature's wicked smile glinted in the waning light, "But you shall owe us a favor."

Merlin didn't like the sound of that but he was too desperate to care. "Thank you."

The Sidhe dove back underwater, then returned with a small vial of greenish liquid. "If we are to heal your precious king, we will need one more thing," it turned it's glittering black eyes on Kilgharrah, "We need a dragon's tear."

Kilgharrah stared back at the Sidhe in a strange and heavy silence. He turned his golden eyes over the lake, the land, Merlin, and Arthur, seeming to see everything and nothing at once. Finally, he nodded his massive head and stretched his neck over the lake. The Sidhe flew up and held the vial under Kilgharrah's eye. Another long moment passed. Then, with a shudder and a terrible groan, a single tear dripped from the dragon's eye and fell into the vial. The liquid in the vial turned clear, and shimmered with an ethereal light.

Kilgharrah backed up and lay down along the treeline behind Merlin as the Sidhe fluttered down and held the vial in front of Merlin's face. Merlin reached for it, and the Sidhe drew back. "Pour it in the wound. And remember, Emrys. You owe us."

"I know." 

The Sidhe gave him the vial, and Merlin scrambled to Arthur's side, pushed the chainmail out of the way, and tore open his friend's shirt. He choked on new tears when he saw the gaping wound, raw and dark, beneath Arthur's heart. Carefully, Merlin poured every last drop of the magical liquid into the wound, then sat back on his heels, trembling.

Slowly, the jagged hole stopped bleeding and began to close, and Arthur's extremely shallow breathing deepened into the rhythm of one sleeping. Merlin didn't realize he'd been holding his breath until he sucked in a great gasp of relief. 

"Climb on my back, Merlin." Kilgharrah's mighty voice sounded weak, "Hurry now, for it is almost done."

Merlin turned to face the great dragon, who's scales seemed ashen, and whose eyes, foggy. Had he been like that before? "What's almost done?"


Merlin summoned his very last strength and hauled the still-unconscious Arthur onto the dragon's back. With a lurch and a falter, they lifted into the air, leaving the lake behind. They flew in silence for a few minutes, until the smoking silhouette of Camelot grew on the darkening horizon.

Kilgharrah glided down and landed with a stagger outside the city walls. It was closer than he'd ever been to the city before, if you didn't count being held prisoner inside, or attacking it when he got free. 

Merlin slid off with Arthur once again, but stumbled and nearly fell when Kilgharrah collapsed to the ground.

"Kilgharrah? Wh-what's wrong?" Merlin knew that the dragon was old, and had been injured last time they saw each other, but he'd seemed fine when he'd picked them up earlier. 

"Did you know, my boy...that a dragon cannot cry?" Kilgharrah rasped, his voice and body mere shadows of their former selves, "The only time a dragon...sheds a right before they die."

Merlin stumbled back a step, the implications hitting him like a physical blow. "What?"

"Yes. A dragon of my age...can choose to shed a tear if they wish...knowing that it forfeits their life."

Tears filled Merlin's eyes again. "I'm sorry...I didn't know...."

A soft laugh rumbled from Kilgharrah's throat, "It is alright, Merlin. I knew...what I was doing. Camelot...needs the Once and Future king. I gladly give my that end."

Kilgharrah's breathing became more rapid and shallow. Tears dripped down Merlin's face and he approached the dragon. His mentor. His friend. He reverently laid a hand on the side of Kilgharrah's long snout, feeling the rough scales for the last time. "Thank you. I will never forget it."

A quick glint of teeth flashed in the night. A dragon smile. "Step back, Merlin. Phoenixes aren't the only ones...with fire in their death."

A blazing red light grew from beneath Kilgharrah's scales, and Merlin jumped back. He dragged Arthur a few more feet away and watched through blurred vision. The light grew on the length of the dragon's body, brighter and brighter, until a brilliant blaze erupted. A thunderous roar erupted from the ball of fire and echoed through the sky, a triumphant farewell to the world of the living. Then all was silent. The fire extinguished itself, and Kilgharrah was gone. A smoking pile of ash was all that remained. Almost. 

Merlin, in a daze of sorrow, turned to go, but a glimmer in the corner of his eye made him look back. There, in the center of the ash pile, a dragon egg sparkled softly in the last brush of sunlight. Merlin wiped the tears from his eyes and picked it up, cradling it in both hands. The Last DragonLord would not be dragonless, after all. 

Someone burst through the trees behind him, and Merlin whirled around, ready to blast the intruder with magic, until he saw who it was. "Percy!" and in his arms... "Gwaine!"

Percy's eyes were glassy with fatigue, but wide with fear. He blinked once and quickly took in the scene. "Merlin. Arthur! Are he...?"

"He'll be fine, I just have to get him to Gaius. And Gwaine...?"

The look of strained grief on Percy's face gave Merlin all the information he needed. He swallowed a wave of nausea. "Let's help each other." Almost without thinking, he cast a wave of magic over the egg, causing it to float behind him so he could carry his friend. Suddenly horrified at what Percy would think, he shot a look at the knight. 

Percy looked from the egg to Merlin and back, understanding dawning. The big man gave a single, accepting nod, and Merlin's heart flooded with gratitude. Together they started to haul their two unresponsive comrades to the only person who could help them now. 


Guinevere heard the doors to the Great Hall smash open, and her stomach dropped. Please. Please no. She forced herself to turn from the window to see who it was, every fraction of an inch an effort. The familiar face she saw by the doors did not bring her the usual lightness of spirit. "Merlin...?" she looked into the eyes of her old friend as he approached, dreading what she might find there. 

Merlin's face was streaked with dirt, and the sight of tear tracks through the grime made her heart stop cold. Merlin looked more haggard than Gwen had ever seen him, which was saying a lot. His clear blue eyes met her brown ones with a gaze of tired intensity. Suddenly his whole face lifted into a smile so big and bright it could have rivaled the sun, and he spoke the only two words that meant anything; "He's ok."

The mind-shattering relief that crashed over Gwen in that moment brought her to her knees. Merlin fell by her side and held her tightly as uncontrollable sobs tore from her throat and racked her body. "He's ok, he's ok, he's ok." Gwen wasn't even sure who was saying it. Maybe they both were. She clung to Merlin and wept for joy. 

"He's with Gaius right now. Come on, then!" Merlin beamed and took her hand, pulling her from the floor. Together they ran to the infirmary.

When they had reached it, Gwen let go of Merlin's hand and flew to her husband's side in the time it took Merlin to blink. "Arthur?" she pushed his hair back and stroked his face. "Arthur, can you hear me?"

For the first time in hours, Arthur's eyes fluttered open, and every paper in the room was stirred by the collective sigh of relief. "Guinevere...?" he murmured. His eyes fixed on her face. A moment passed as his foggy brain processed what he was seeing, then a weak smile pulled at his lips. "Gwen...."

"Oh Arthur...!" Gwen's words were choked off by immense emotion and she could say no more, but no more words were needed. Husband and wife clutched each other as though they would never let go again.

"Well that's nice. What about me?" a hoarse voice joked from a second bed a few feet away. 

"Gwaine!" Percy and Merlin jumped to his bedside as Gaius bustled around them, checking on his patient. 

Percy nudged Gwaine's shoulder with a fist, fighting back happy tears with a smile. "Nice to see you back in the land of the living."

"Back? I never left. I just pretended so I wouldn't have to walk." Even in his weak state, Gwaine managed a cheeky grin. They all chuckled, and the lighthearted display felt strange and wonderful.

"Yes yes, we're all very delighted." Gaius interrupted, a twinkle in his eye belying his gruff tone. "But we're not done yet. Now everyone get out, I need room to work. Not you, Merlin, I'll need your help." And he shooed them, even the queen, out of the room, promising they could come visit again later. 


Merlin turned to see Arthur looking at him. He went to the king's side, "Yes, Arthur?"

Arthur looked at him for a long moment, "Take a bath will you? You smell worse than usual."

Merlin dropped open in surprise, then he snapped it shut and fought back a giddy grin. "Look who’s talking! I never met a king who was so smelly."




*Seven years later*

Three screaming children and a dragon the size of a horse came crashing into the Great Hall and knocked over two suits of armor and one guard before sliding to a halt by the empty thrones. A woman chased after them, the swirling green symbol of a druid clearly visible on her neck. 

Everyone at the round table looked up at the sudden commotion. King Arthur tried to look stern, but a smile fought to break through his tough facade. "Can't you control your dragon, Merlin?" he asked the man on his left.

"Can't you control your children, Arthur?" the royal wizard shot back with a grin.

"They're just playing."

"Well so is he!"

Queen Gwen chuckled from her spot at Arthur's right and spoke to the druid woman, "Please take them outside, nanny. All of them." she indicated the scaly fourth member of the group. 

The druid woman bowed, fighting back a small smile of her own, and ushered the troublemakers out of the room.

King Arthur watched them go, then turned back to the knights around the table. He was silent a moment, then pushed back his chair and stood up. "Well, that's it for this meeting, you're all dismissed."

Merlin was startled. "What? But we still have to go over--"

"Shut up Merlin, I'm going to go play with my children. Milady?" he offered Gwen a hand, who smiled and accepted it. They ran out of the room laughing and chattering. 

"Well, I suppose that does it, then." Gwaine stood up as well, "Fancy a sparring session, Percy? I bet I can beat you in under two minutes!" 

"Ha! You're on." all the knights clamored out of the room in one big push, leaving just Merlin at the table. He chuckled and shook his head, looking at the papers scattered over the polished surface of the round table. With a quick swish of his hand, the papers were all stacked neatly in a pile. 

He exited the Great Hall and glanced out a window at the position of the sun. She should be there right about now. Concealing a little skip of excitement, Merlin rushed through the halls to his chambers. No longer did he live in the clinic with Gaius. He had his own place in the castle, as well as a position of authority. And with that, came all the perks. Perks like having a maid to clean his room for him. A beautiful maid, with a heart of gold,  that he'd gotten to know very well....

Merlin stopped just outside the door to his room and slowed his breathing, then casually opened the door and strolled inside, trying to appear nonchalant. There she was, just straightening the bedcovers. His heart beat quicker. He cleared his throat softly, and she turned around. 

"Merlin!" she looked surprised, but a welcoming smile brightened her every feature. "I thought you would be at the round table all morning."

"We ended early." He walked to her side and offered her an arm, "It's a beautiful day. Care to take a walk?"

"I...." she hesitated. She glancing at her work, then at him, and made up her mind, "I'd love to." she took his arm with another smile. 

Merlin beamed in return, and they walked off together. There were no dangers anymore. No need to hide his magic. No need for any magical person or creature to hide. And certainly no social-class prejudice, not with a former maid for a queen. The Sidhe had called in their favor already, and he owed them no more. There was nothing to keep him from the love of his life, and nothing that could keep him from protecting her. He smiled down at the beautiful woman at his side, reveling in the way the sunlight gleamed off her hair. 

It was going to be a good day.


LOL It looks like it's all been redacted. XD THE CIA!! THEY'RE ONTO ME!! XD *ahem* Aaaaanywayyyy..... I hope you liked it! I know it makes me feel better about the whole thing. X)